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  • MULTI-SYMPTOM RELIEF - EQUELLE menopause supplements for women works in harmony with your body and helps to: Reduce the frequency of hot flashes, ease sleep difficulties, reduce mood swings, relieve muscle discomfort and support general well-being during menopause
  • BACKED BY RESEARCH - EQUELLE’s active ingredient, S-equol, is backed by a decade of clinical research and is shown to help reduce the frequency of hot flashes, ease sleep difficulties, and reduce mood swings associated with menopause. Findings show some experience benefits in as little as 4 weeks.**
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - EQUELLE is hormone-free, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free. The active ingredient S-equol is affirmed safe in both food and drug supplements and no major adverse effects were reported in clinical studies. Over 200,000 women trust EQUELLE
  • CONSISTENT RELIEF - Each serving of EQUELLE delivers powerful, consistent relief you can trust. In contrast, the potency of herbal remedies like black cohosh or evening primrose oil may vary in strength and efficacy as a result of varying soil conditions or environment

Equelle Hot Flash Menopause Relief Capsules

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